Research and Training


I am currently completing my PhD at the University of Melbourne (Department of Social Work), researching the mechanisms of change in feminist-informed sexual assault counselling. Journal publications reporting on findings and methodology are expected late 2021.

Consultation and Training

I have provided professional supervision, consultation, facilitation and/or professional training to the following organisations:

* Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission

* Victorian Office of Public Prosecutions

* Sexual Assault Workforce Development (SSAWD) for CASA Forum

* Northern CASA

* Barwon CASA

  1. *ASHA Global Development Organisation


I guest lecture and tutor into the Masters of Social Work program at the University of Melbourne, and thoroughly enjoy engaging with our next generation of Australian social workers.


Weizenegger, B. 2021. Research into feminist-informed counselling after sexual assault. In P. Alderson (Ed.), Critical realism for health and illness research: A practical handbook. Bristol University Press.

Weizenegger, B. in press. Cobbling together methods for a coherent critical realist methodology: Searching for mechanisms. In G. Banfield & A. Maisuria (Eds.), Working with critical realism: Stories of methodological encounters for a world worth living. Routledge.

Conference presentations

Weizenegger, B. 2019. ‘What do you do that’s so special anyway?’: An examination of the mechanisms of change in feminist-informed sexual assault counselling [Paper presentation]. 9th International Conference on Social Work in Health and Mental Health, York, England.

Weizenegger, B. 2019. Critical realist data analysis for dummies (by a dummy): searching for mechanisms [Paper presentation]. International Association for Critical Realism 22nd Annual Conference, Southampton, England.

Weizenegger, B. 2014. Ten years a schizophrenic: Working therapeutically with hallucinations [Paper presentation]. CASA Forum Conference, Melbourne, Australia.

Weizenegger, B. 2012. Retaining a feminist philosophy whilst incorporating neurobiological knowledge: Can we have it all? [Paper presentation]. CASA Forum Conference, Melbourne, Australia.